Framer + Adobe Stock

Millions of assets available within your canvas.



Framer is a design tool for prototyping user interfaces. Adobe Stock is a service providing digital, creative assets. Adobe Stock for Framer is a utility component that allows designers to search for content within their Framer canvas. Users can find content using keywords and various search filters. This project was built in August 2018 with React, an open-source JavaScript library from Facebook.

The Story

This was a project that I started almost immediately after leaving Adobe. For some strange reason, I decided this project was the perfect start to my time living in Milan.

After getting access to the Framer X Beta, I felt there was an interesting opportunity available to build something that would allow designers to search for visual content within their project files.

From my experience building prototypes with the Adobe Stock API, my recently acquired React skills, (thanks to Adobe for covering the cost of Wes Bos' React course), I had enough behind me to put together this component for Framer X.



The Adobe Stock for Framer component allows users to search for images and illustrations within their canvas. You can search using keywords, color hex values, a file ID#, an artist profile ID#, and even choose to include or exclude people.

Currently, this functionality isn’t available within Adobe XD. Although, I'm sure that will be changing soon. You can install the component for Framer X here.

Product as a Service

During my three years in San Francisco working on Adobe Stock, I started to understand the value and power of transforming a product into a service. Adobe Stock is much more than just a website, (which it was on the day it launched). It's more than something just available on an app store. It's embedded not only within Creative Cloud, but within multiple third-party applications, operating systems, and platforms.

Adobe Stock is inside PowerPoint, Google Slides, and now (with the component I built), within Framer, a direct competitor to Adobe XD. I have much respect for Adobe with their strategy execution and for Framer having an open platform. Also, thanks to Lyft for hosting some designers in San Francisco to get a sneak peek at Framer X.

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