Side Projects

Baby Gorilla

The LLC.


What is Baby Gorilla

Baby Gorilla is a business identity I designed and operate within for independent projects. It's the name under which Baby Gorilla Productions, LLC (Limited Liability Company) does business (DBA). This was created in 2017. I plan to continue operating within this business for small to medium-sized projects related to design, technology, and media production.

The Story

I’ve taken on freelance and side-projects for websites, apps, and other technology shenanigans for quite a while. After a while it became clear that if I wanted to operate and grow something to be more than just myself, I'd need a proper business identity. This focus on tech and media work, combined with a need for a business structure lead me to creating Baby Gorilla Productions, a California limited liability company, doing business as ‘Baby Gorilla.’

The goal is for Baby Gorilla to grow into a product company and full-service agency producing experience design, branding, web / application development, and media production.

Being a bit of a jack-of-all trades can be quite frustrating at times because I want to do everything. I definitely can't do everything. Even if I could, that doesn't sound fun. I would much rather work with people. All of this is to say that this business endeavor is something I'll pursue slowly and for the long-term. It's something I want to do with a small team of people, not just myself.

The ideal member of Baby Gorilla is constantly learning and not taking things too seriously, but a creative, passionate beast lies within.

What I'm Learning

  • Business structures (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.)
  • Business taxes
  • Business law
  • Marketing (Getting clients is hard!)
  • Sales (Getting clients is hard!)
  • Product photography
  • Video production
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Chris Do has great content on the business of design